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The Word of God

"Hectic is the creed of the modern paganism. God offers breaks. We should not always do more, but rather more important things.

What we learn in calm moments has bearing on us - and on the world around us."

Dr. Peter Hahne, ZDF-Moderator
(in "Mit dem Herzen schauen"
Peter Hahne - St. Johannis-Druckerei)

Introduction (deutschsprachig deutsch-sprachig / english-speaking english-speaking)

Bibleserver provides access to the Bible - the word of God - in the internet.

You can log in as a guest any time and as often as you want, to read the Bible - the word of God - in the internet, completely free of charge. Or you can register as a permanent member: To do that, visit the entry page of bibleserver and provide your email adress under login and a password of your choice. You will then receive your login data via email, giving you access to the expanded member area, also free of charge.

The Bible is currently available in more than 15 different Languages, including several different German and English translations. A good chance to practice a foreign language.

The English Bible text is currently available in four different translations:

We hope you find good ideas and important new revelations when reading the word of God

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Die Nachrichten von heute sind bereits morgen von gestern. Bleibend aktuell ist die Botschaft der Bibel. Wer sie nicht liest, ist schlecht informiert. Bibelleser sind Führungskräfte - sie wissen, wo es lang geht.
Peter Hahne: Nur wer Profil hat, hinterläßt Spuren Johannis - ISBN 3-501-05934-5